Quilt Tops Ready For Submission

When submitting your well pressed quilt tops, wadding and backing for quilting, please ensure the wadding and backing are exactly 8 inches (20cm) larger than the quilt top.   So if your quilt top is 60″ your wadding and backing must be 68″.  Try to make your quilt top as square as possible for best results.  Check the opposite vertical and horizontal edge measurements of all components to ensure they are the same in each individual piece and that the corners are 90 degrees.  For long arm quilting it is necessary to have straight edges for loading onto the frame.  If the components are out of square, this will adversely affect the quilting process and ultimately the result. Keep all three components separate. For more information see our requirements page.

If you prefer, we can provide either wool or cotton wadding; you will only be charged for the area of your quilt top and we have access to a range of top quality wide backing fabrics via Widebacks Australia.